Other services

Design is an integral part of the world of goods and services, allowing them to be presented in a favorable light and stimulate consumer demand. The cost of design services directly depends on the degree of complexity of the design, as well as the scale of the object for which it is being developed.

When creating a website, Arista Group takes into account the most important aspects: the uniqueness of the website design and its user-friendliness are particularly important.

Support and maintenance of the site may be needed by both large and small companies, as well as online stores and private entrepreneurs. Working with different customers, we managed to qualitatively improve the content and speed up the loading time of the site at times.

Email marketing is one of the most effective types of business promotion on the Internet. Thanks to this, customer loyalty increases, the volume of both new and repeat sales increases, and constant communication with the consumer audience is maintained. You can directly contact potential or existing customers of goods and services.


Websites and stores

The indisputable advantage of the Bitrix24 website and store designer is that it creates them already inside the CRM. The contacts of the store's customers and the site's customers who have contacted you through a CRM form, a free chat or who have ordered a callback, immediately get into the CRM.

Install a chat on your website and respond to customers in real time. Their contacts will become your trophy in the fight for conversion in sales.

Your client will easily fill out an application or an appeal without leaving the news feed of his social network. When you click on the button of an advertisement in VKontakte or Facebook, a form will open with the fields already filled in.

Email Marketing

Send beautiful emails that engage and sell

Expand your audience, advertise services and sell products with marketing tools that will do the job for you.

Send one-time newsletters with updates and special offers. Increase subscribers' interest with automated email chains. Increase engagement by sending personalized emails to individual groups of contacts.

Email marketing is a tool with which you can send personalized offers to customers at the perfect time, create effective mailing strategies in just a few clicks and save your advertising budget.

Website support

Website maintenance and technical support

Did you know that the flow of site visitors depends on the frequency of new interesting materials appearing on the site?

Making a website is one thing. And another thing is to interest the visitor, sincerely help him solve some problem, and prepare for the necessary action.

The text and any kind of information should complement and improve your resource. And the more effort and money you invest in this business, the more visitors to the site, and later you will get customers.

Like fixing a computer, maintaining a website should not be trusted to an employee who has nothing to do. Choose professionals for this task. We will be able to competently fill the site so that it has a positive effect on promotion and does not create unnecessary problems.


Website promotion

We are engaged in website promotion in popular search engines: Google and Yandex. The money spent on advertising will be used wisely, because advertising will be shown only to the target audience (people who are interested in your product). We carry out SEO optimization of the site to promote it to the TOP of the search results.

Web design

Creating designs of any complexity

Do you want to engage in online commerce or present your business as a corporate website? You need an effective landing page to present your services on the Web - then you have come to the right place.

We have been creating and developing websites of any complexity for many years: from one-page websites to online stores with a high load and a large assortment of goods.

We will be glad to make your dreams come true! Using the latest technologies and keeping up with the times. We are ready to create sales leaders on the Internet, and you?


Increased attendance

The more people know about you, the higher the sales! And it is the advertising of the site on the web that allows a huge audience to get acquainted with the goods and services that you offer.

With us, you will undoubtedly gain the upper hand in the competition for customers!