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A header has been developed for the site, which contains all the information necessary for convenient navigation, including a convenient search by article with pop-up possible options.


The lineup of the company «MetaLux» represented by 9 collections of steel doors. In order to immediately make it easier to decide on the desired type of door, an interactive slider has been added to the site, which helps to visually form the initial preferences.


A convenient filter has been developed for the catalog, which speeds up the process of choosing a door, makes it simple and helps to quickly determine the desired option. In addition to the standard settings, the filter has additional specialized criteria, including the ability to sort doors according to the purpose of the house/apartment.


In the catalog for the convenience of choosing a door, the possibility of a detailed study of the area of interest to you has been added. Just hover over it with the mouse and an enlarged fragment will appear next to it. In the enlarged fragment, you can change the scale.


The buyer must know what the door consists of and what locks are inside, this is presented in the additional product description. There are also additional parameters for a more detailed view of the characteristics. Design features clearly show what is inside the doors.


On the site, information about the latest events of the MetaLux company, novelties and promotions is presented in the form of convenient cards in order to quickly orient the site visitor about what the news is about.

Project details

Client MetaLux
Website type Corporate website

The company "MetaLux" is a leader in the production of entrance doors in the Republic of Belarus. MetaLux is a full-cycle production, from sheet metal to a finished door.

Quality control at every stage of production allows us to produce products that meet the highest requirements. The MetaLux product range includes more than 300 models.