Online store for the sale and repair of construction equipment

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For convenient navigation around the site, a practical menu is used, which, as you move down the page, always remains at the top of the screen so that you can jump to the section you are interested in at any time. As well as search by name with pop-up possible options. On the left, all categories of equipment are displayed, which, when moving down, also always remain in sight.


The catalog is presented in the form of convenient cards with a filter by popularity, price and availability. In addition, the catalog contains a brief description, prices and the ability to immediately add the product to the basket.

карточка товара

The product card contains the technical characteristics and description of the product, its cost, as well as a gallery with a photo, so that the visitor can fully familiarize himself with the necessary equipment before buying it.


All selected products go to the basket, in which, for convenient ordering, a practical form has been created that contains all the necessary contact information, payment methods, total cost and delivery methods with an interactive map.



Promotions and novelties on the site are presented in the form of concise cards with a brief description of the product, discount size, price and availability.


Contacts are presented in a concise form, which contains all contact information and company details, for ease of use, the ability to view the address on an interactive map in a special Yandex Maps service has been added. Also very useful is the video instruction, which shows the way to the office of company in the first person.

Project details

Client InstgroupM
Website type Online store

Private trade unitary enterprise "InstgroupM" - sale and repair of construction equipment and power tools.

For several years, the company has been studying and working with various equipment, and today the company's specialists can provide qualified advice on issues related to the range and functionality of products of interest.