Corporate website for apartments in Germany

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боковое меню

A side menu has been developed for the site, which contains all the information necessary for easy navigation, including a convenient site search with pop-up options. The menu, as you move down the page, always remains at the top of the screen, so that you can jump to the section you are interested in at any time.

выбор языка

The site is multilingual, so it has a choice of language.


For the convenience of choosing real estate, there is a portfolio on the site, in which, in the form of convenient cards, there are options for premises with a brief description. Also on the side are the main categories of real estate, for which it is easier to find the right option.


The buyer should learn more about the property before buying it, so the page details the characteristics and description of the object, as well as a gallery that allows you to fully familiarize yourself with it. For convenience, you can also see this object on the maps.


On the site, information about the latest events of the company is presented in the form of convenient cards so that the visitor can quickly understand what the news is about.


Contacts are presented in a simple and understandable form, which contains all the necessary information, and for ease of use, when you click on a phone number, you can redirect the number directly to your mobile phone without any additional steps.

Project details

Client Capital Properties Berlin GmbH
Developed 2016
Website type Corporate website

Capital Properties Berlin GmbH operates on the exclusive Berlin real estate market. The company's arsenal includes a full range of highly professional services for working with luxury real estate in the capital of Germany, as well as in Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Dusseldorf, Leipzig, Potsdam and Dresden.

Based on the many years of successful experience of our permanent partners in Leipzig, Capital Properties Berlin GmbH offers customers efficient and reliable assistance in the purchase and sale of luxury houses and apartments.