Website-catalog of construction equipment rental

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For convenient navigation around the site, a practical menu is used, which, as you move down the page, always remains at the top of the screen so that you can jump to the section you are interested in at any time. As well as search by name with pop-up possible options. On the left, all categories of equipment are displayed, which, when moving down, also always remain in sight.


Also, popular categories are placed in a separate block in the form of convenient cards with the image of equipment and the price.


A practical filter has been developed in the catalog so that the customer can narrow down the search for equipment and thus quickly select the right one. In addition, the catalog contains a brief description, prices, the ability to rent in one click and also compare equipment.

карточка товара

The product card indicates the main and additional characteristics of the product, its cost, as well as a gallery with a photo, so that the visitor can fully familiarize himself with the necessary equipment before renting it.


After you have chosen the necessary equipment, it is added to the basket of goods, in which there is a choice of the rental date, the time at which you can pick up the equipment and the required amount of equipment. And for convenient ordering, a practical form has been created, which indicates all the necessary contact information, payment and delivery methods, and the final cost.


All important events of the company are presented in the form of convenient cards to quickly orient the site visitor about what the news is about.

Project details

Website type Website catalog

Instrumentgroup was founded in 2008.

When renting construction equipment and power tools, the company applies an individual approach to each client, whether it is an individual or a representative of a construction or construction and repair company, a beginner or a professional.